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Preparing Your Dog For Pet Therapy


4 Paws has a developed a pet therapy program as well as classes that prepare the "teams" to understand and apply the dog training to promote pet therapy.  We are recognized by AKC as a certified pet therapy program.


We highly recommend progressing through our basic classes such as the "New Beginnings", and the subsequent "Canine Good Citizen" classes or other similar classes.  The CGC Test is one of the main preliminary requirements before applying for Pet Therapy Training and Testing.  Dogs must be one (1) year old to test and several criteria must be  completed before the test is scheduled such as but not limited to:

CGC Certification

Veterinary Form 

Application by Handler (Owner)

Handler Online Training and Subsequent Test

We encourage ongoing training including a competition training class as well as participating in onsite events.


Since covid all our training for the handler is online.  There is a fee to apply of $25 and a fee of the Handler test of $25 per test.


Once a CGC is obtained, all the paperwork is completed and a handler has attended the Pet Therapy seminar/online test that we offer to educate the handler, we schedule a Pet Therapy Test.  If the team has not been involved in the pet therapy program previously then other requirements and training opportunities may be required and/or encouraged.


Prerequisite:  Canine Good Citizen Certificate


This is a classroom setting for the handlers.  No dogs allowed in this class!


To enroll in this class and for more information please visit


Note about Pet Therapy:  We have developed relationships with facilities in our area that pet therapy services are needed.  However, we do not limit the pet therapy to the facilities we are currently in connection with. Teams are more than welcome to pursue their own relationships that we can approve of.  If you have an elderly family member who you want to visit and perform services for, please contact us and we are happy to help you!  We are recognized by AKC but are not listed on their website because we have not yet obtained non-profit status with the IRS - YET!

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