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About Us and Our Dog Training Classes


We want to help YOU with your DOG!

4 Paws 4 Love was formed by dog lovers who have several decades of experience training various breeds of dogs as a hobby for various competition events and in class settings.  Our love of dogs brought us together and with the help of Camp Claircrest we are able to offer various types of training classes to suit you and your dog’s needs for an affordable price!


We offer private sessions for those who are not able to commit or need ongoing group training sessions.  For those who want to advance within the classes to learn how to better communicate with your dog, we offer a variety of levels and areas of interest!


Our classes are geared toward a successful AKC Canine Good Citizen Test result. To find out more about the Canine Good Citizen program visit:


In addition, we encourage Certified Pet Therapy and our classes can accommodate the training necessary to participate formally in Certified Pet Therapy programs and achieve an AKC title for Pet Therapy.


Any activity or event that promotes a better relationship with dogs and their caretakers is IMPORTANT to us.


We believe grooming is one of the primary care functions with dogs and recently added DOG GROOMING TO OUR SERVICES!


Please contact us if you need more information or desire to enroll in one of our sessions!



Things to know:  Classes are offered at The Park At Claircrest and trainers must be able to control and be responsible for their dog.
Age of handler:  12 years old or older and physically capable of handling the dog!  An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18.
Aggression and extreme anxiety may require the dog to have a private class for assessment and evaluation.
Your dog should be brought to each class unless the female is in season or a health issue occurs, in which event observation arrangements may be made and/or with the potential for a make-up class.  In addition, bring a 6’ leash, plenty of training treats, training collar and anything else listed on the particular classes description.  
The facilities are heated but the temperatures are typically afffected by the outside environment.  No air conditioning at this time.
Refunds are not provided.  However, rain checks or credits are offered.  
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