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Tricks For Fun With Your Dog!

Our instructor Karen will be teaching this seminar and/or class!


Plan on having lots of fun with your dog learning tricks such as but not limited to:


  • Nose targeting and hand touches

  • Spin

  • Peed-a-boo

  • Scent games

  • Bow

  • Leg weaves

  • Hoop jumps

  • Paws up

  • Ladder work

  • Sit pretty

  • Mouth targeting

  • Say your prayers

  • Wipe your paws

  • Unroll the carpet

  • Paw targeting

  • Retrieve

  • Pull on rope

  • Shake

  • High 5

  • Wave

  • Crawl

  • Roll over

  • Head down

  • Chain behaviors

  • Open mail box

  • Bring me a tissue

  • Rear paw targeting

  • Distance work


Note:  A seminar may only cover some of the above.


Fit paws equipment may be used.


Session is:  6 week class $100

For schedules and more information please visit:


Prerequisite:  None or Other Beginner Class Training.  However, the dog must know sit, stay and some other basic commands.



Equipment Required:  

  • Buckle and/or Nylon Slip Collar with 6' Leash

  • Or a 6' Slip Leash

  • Small Mat

  • Motiviation Toy

  • Small Preferably Soft Treats

  • Dog that is ready to train without being fed recently and has been offered time to relieve themselves







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