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New Beginnings Training and Puppy Love Seminars

Ideal for puppies and those who may not have trained a dog formally before.


Develop awareness and understanding of dog behaviors and communication in order to have a well mannered dog and learn to train routine exercises in the HOME.  All exercises on leash. Emphasis is on home manners and minor behavior issues.  This is a VERY BASIC slow progressing class meant to teach the person how to better communicate with their dog.


Attention, Sit, Down, Walk On Leash, Come On Leash, Sit For Exam and Stay (few seconds).  


Session is:  4 week class $80 and a 6 week class is $120


For schedules and more information please visit:


Prerequisite Class - None


Equipment Required:  

  • Buckle and/or Nylon Slip Collar with 6' Leash

  • Or a 6' Slip Leash

  • Small Preferably Soft Treats

  • Dog that is ready to train without being fed recently and has been offered time to relieve themselves

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