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4 Paws is excited to utilize Karen Bushner's agility knowledge and offering Beginner, Advanced and Private classes for Agility!


Dogs will be kept on leash and have to be old enough for their growth plates to be closed, typically but depending on the breed 12-14 months.


Sessions are:  6 week class $130/ 4 Week Class is $100 and Private Training is $50 per thirty (30) minutes.

For schedules and more information please visit:


Equipment Required:  

  • Buckle and/or Nylon Slip Collar with 6' Leash

  • Or a 6' Slip Leash

  • 15-20' Long Leash

  • Small Preferably Soft Treats

  • Dog that is ready to train without being fed recently and has been offered time to relieve themselves

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