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Fast Trac 


Sometimes you need a quick class to get your refresh your dog training skills and knowledge, have a new dog or just want to have some fun!


Our "Fast Trac" class is specifically designed for people who don't have time for a longer term commitment, have already trained a dog, need a refresher course or just want to have some FUN!


This class will cover the basics and a intro/review the first week but then quickly progress to the expectations of a Canine Good Citizen level training.



For schedules and more information please visit:


Prerequisite:  None but be prepared to train everyday.



Equipment Required:  

  • Buckle and/or Nylon Slip Collar with 6' Leash

  • Or a 6' Slip Leash

  • 15-20' Long Leash

  • Small Preferably Soft Treats

  • Dog that is ready to train without being fed recently and has been offered time to relieve themselves

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