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Dog Training Classes and Schedule


We are currently updating our information please check back soon!


Advanced Beginner / Canine Good Citizen / Pet Therapy at 7pm      Cost:  $70


Advanced Beginner / Canine Good Citizen / Pet Therapy


To learn more about CGC and Pet Therapy go to


Coming Soon!

Novice Obedience For The Serious Trainer!    Cost:  $70


Novice Obedience


This class is for the serious trainer who intends or is considering competition obedience!  Please visit


The above classes and/or addressing behavior issues are offered via individual sessions onsite at The Park At Claircrest or within your home (or where the behavior issue is occuring).  Please email or call us for more information and/or to schedule an individual session.  Cost is $25 per 30 minutes with a trip charge for offsite sessions!

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