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Registration Forms For Classes


Disclaimer:  Dogs with aggression issues will not be allowed to continue per the instructors’ discretion and dogs must be under control at all times.  No refunds if the classes are unattended or for any other reason.  Classes will attempt to be rescheduled for weather, acts of God or other unforeseen issues if possible, when cancellation is deemed necessary by the instructors; however, there are no guarantees or refunds.


I understand dog training activities are not without risks to my dog(s), myself, members of my family or guests who may attend.  I hereby waive, release from any liability Nickie Hertzog, Jerry Andersen, Jennifer Gillespie, Kim Waller, Eric West, Stacey, Zook, Pam Anthony, and/or any other instructors or persons or companies, associations, clubs or volunteers involved in the classes harmless from any liability, in the event of accidents or incidents such as, but not limited to, dog bites, fights, injuries, falls, etc. occur.  I hereby waive, release from any liability The Park At Claircrest, Claircrest, LLC, PN Management, PN Consulting, its landlord, owners, instructors, employees or volunteers in any way associated with these classes while attending the handling session(s), any function related to the class and while on the premises of the class.


All vaccinations must be up to date and proof of such may be required to be supplied.  In addition, if my dog(s) is/are ill or has any communicable diseases or conditions, I will not bring the dog(s) to class.  I hereby agree to follow the rules and guidelines at The Park At Claircrest and if I or my dog(s) do not follow the guidelines per The Park At Claircrest, I may be asked to terminate my class involvement/enrollment without a refund.


Enrollment Form

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