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Dog Ownership

Health concerns

Many heath issues can be partially environmental.

Spay & Neutering

There are varying opinions concerning early spaying and neutering.  We can guide you to published studies and you can make the decision that is right for you, your breed and potentially your breeder.

Veterinary Care

Do you know there are specialist in most every avenue of veterinary medicine?  Eye, heart, dental, orthopedics and more!  We know many of the specialist personally and can recommed a few we know!

Vaccination Concerns

Studies display concerns of over vaccination of our pets leading to health issues.  Ask us and we can provide some information to educate yourself with any concerns you may have.

Canine Reproduction

One of our trainers has bred Champion dogs most of her adult life and worked for a local reproduction veterinarian.  We can offer guidance on many reproduction concerns.

Micro Chipping

How can you identify your dog if it becomes lost?

Bathing and Grooming

Want your dog to have a healthy coat and skin?  Ask US!

Dental Care

Do you know how to keep your dog's teeth clean and avoid expensive dental procedures?

Trimming Nails

Easy!  We can teach you how!


Never heard of United Kennel Club?

The Park At Claircrest has events coming soon via Midwest Dog Fanciers!

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